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Imagine 1001 Pollinator Gardens!

In launching the 1001 Pollinator garden project, our hope is to see the map of Western Massachusetts blossom with tiny dots that mark life-sustaining habitat for the pollinators whose work sustains our own lives.

Our vision is to generate a community of concerned individuals willing to take immediate action on behalf of bees, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife by creating and preserving urgently needed habitat.  We invite you to imagine every human-managed landscape offering forage and shelter for pollinators and providing a refuge where native plants can thrive.  Imagine friends and neighbors collaborating to conserve, create, and link pollinator-friendly habitat.  Imagine the beauty of a garden filled with native flowers and feasting pollinators.  It could be your garden.

Go to Be One of 1,001 for more information.
   The 1,001 Pollinator Gardens project will link gardeners who are actively committed to helping the pollinators and provide a forum for sharing enthusiasm and information.  We believe that these 1,001 gardens, filled with beautiful native flowers and buzzing with life, will inspire curiosity and spark the desire of more human creatures to create pollinator habitat on their own land, in public spaces, on farms, roadsides, at schools and businesses and any other place where we can restore life-generating diversity to landscapes impoverished by human use.
This website offers basic suggestions that will help you get started and directs you to many excellent resources to encourage and increase your understanding of wildlife food webs and the interconnections between native plants and the animals they sustain.  Informed, ecologically beneficial gardening swiftly benefits pollinators suffering from detrimental habitat loss.  It also creates beautiful landscapes and a constant source of wonder as the pollinators respond to your efforts on their behalf.
    May these gardens help sustain the life -sustaining web and help us remember the deep satisfaction of connection and reciprocity.

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